Heluvcoco OnlyFans | Get to Know the Model Bhadlulbih 

Last updated on March 23rd, 2023

Heluvcoco is an OnlyFans model, Tiktok star and a social media influencer. Heluvcoco is from Florida, united states, and is doing great on the OnlyFans platform.

Heluvcoco’s OnlyFans name is Lul babe and her username is @bhadlulbih. Actually, Heluvcoco has one more OnlyFans account with the same name but the username is @bhadlulbih2 and this second account is free i.e you can view her content on OnlyFans for free.

Let’s check both of Heluvcoco’s OnlyFans accounts. In her paid OnlyFans account i.e bhadlulbih she has posted 36 videos and 303 photos and has uploaded 205 posts on her OnlyFans feed which had attracted a good amount of like which is approx 42K likes.

Heluvcoco is likely to have more than 3.5K OnlyFans paid subscribers and might be earning approx $50K per month.

Most OnlyFans models create a free account along with their main OnlyFans account that is because they can lure the audience to her main account and make them pay.

A free OnlyFans account will tempt users to watch more and more of the model’s content and they will eventually become loyal to them.

Lul Babe’s free OnlyFans has 106 media content which you can subscribe for absolutely free of cost. If you like Lul Babe’s free content then you would absolutely love her paid content as well!

Looks like Heluvcoco’s premium OnlyFans has a lot of demand and that’s the reason she had kept her subscription fee very high and it costs $45 per month to view her paid content.

But Heluvcoco has good bundle discounts if you want to subscribe to her content for the long term. The below table shows her discounted price for 3 and 6-month packages.

Months of subscriptionAmount ($)
3 months101.25
6 months148.50

Heluvcoco has a massive following on Twitter too with more than 613K followers and I must say that is huge. And she constantly posts and also retweets other models’ tweets as well and you will love her content. Heluvcoco’s Twitter username is @Heluvcoco.

Heluvcoco’s instagram name and username and it is cocomfbliss, not sure what that means though. Lul Babe also got one more insta account with the username bhadlulcoco. 

You can follow her on insta to check some of her spicy photos! Heluvcoco is also the CEO of Blue bae models and Bleubae Badie. 

Heluvcoco’s TikTok id is coquitoblizzy and her TikTok videos are super fun to watch. We hope you came to know the OnlyFans model Heluvcoco and don’t forget to check her account!!

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