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In the epoch of technology, where artificial intelligence has taken over almost every facet of our lives, from self-driving cars to virtual home assistants, it was only a matter of time before it stepped into our bedrooms – virtually, of course. 

If you are looking for a tool that can generate AI lesbian porn then that’s exactly what I will be discussing in this article and the name of the tool is OnlyWaifus.

Read full review of onlywaifus here if you came across this tool for the first time. Well then let’s begin where I will show you with examples and the prompts that I gave to generate the AI lesbian images.

Lesbian AI Art Generator!

I’m not going to talk about how to use OnlyWaifus and everything about it because I have given the above link where I have explained everything about the tool. 

So in this article, I will jump straight into the examples of how AI lesbian art comes out with this tool.

Note: This tool is only used for generating Lesbian AI Hentai images and not realistic ones!

Example 1: Love Making in the Bedroom!

Example 1: Love Making in the Bedroom!

Prompt Given: pink Hair, bedroom setting, curvaceous, lesbians, nude, sensual, seductive, beautiful, large breasts, wide hips, small waist, yuri, lesbian scene, erotic

Prompt Proof: https://prnt.sc/ym5POT26eeQ9

That came out very relevant to the prompt I gave. I like the fact that fingers didn’t mess up. Lol. Because usually even with a single AI image everyone is facing the problems with fingers. (Not just with any tool, it’s the same case even if you installed stable diffusion locally)

It took me 3 attempts to get this image, once it messed up with the fingers and the other time it completely removed the hand of one girl. Lol

And by the way, Onlywaifus lets you make unlimited images and it only takes around 10 seconds to generate your image.

Example 2: Making Love On A Moonlit Night

Example 2: Making Love On A Moonlit Night

Prompt Given: yuri, lesbian scene, black pantyhose, topless, looking at one another, forest, night sky, full moon, detailed pupils, medium breasts, cute ear rings, tattoos, orange and green hair, green eyes

Prompt Proof: https://prnt.sc/tpB0rYxZcWT4

I was a bit worried that it might mess up with the hair color because there are 2 people involved but no it came out good. And the background moonlight is also adding a very nice touch to the image!

Example 3: Pussy Juice in the public

Example 3: Pussy Juice in the public

Prompt Given: yuri, lesbian scene, chubby girls, crowd, nude, green and blonde hair, standing, naked breasts, large breasts, dark sky, super hot, pussy juice

Prompt Proof: https://prnt.sc/tdlQrRahvTWF

That came out OK! Not sure what they are holding in their hand though and fingers has always been the problem! And I asked for chubby and that ain’t chubby girls!

But you see the point? It does the job and hopefully the model gets better with time and fine tuning! 

Final Thoughts!

Well, that’s all I have in this article about generating AI lesbian porn. Have you used Onlywaifus.ai for generating AI lesbian art? Let me know how it came out and if you have tips for others to generate better quality AI lesbian then type that below in the comment box! Would love to hear!

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