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Sava Schultz OnlyFans | Get to Know This Lovely Model

Last updated on March 23rd, 2023 at 12:23 pm

Sava Schultz is a beautiful OnlyFans model and social media influencer from the United States. This article will talk about Sava Schultz’s OnlyFans profile and her other social media accounts. So keep reading.

Sava Schultz joined the OnlyFans platform in recent times and her name on OnlyFans is Sava and her username is @Savaschultz

It looks like Sava Schultz created her OnlyFans profile because her fans requested for it and according to her OnlyFans bio you won’t find full nude content of her but can definitely find some nice topless contents.

Now let’s have a look at Sava’s OnlyFans profile stats from the day she joined OnlyFans. Sava Schultz has uploaded 140 media content to date and out of that, it contains 23 videos and 116 photos. Sava has also uploaded 80 posts on her OnlyFans timeline and has received 64K+ likes from her fans.

Sava Schultz’s monthly subscription on OnlyFans is $11.90 for 31 days and is estimated that Sava has approx 13K+ paid OnlyFans subscribers.

Sava Schultz has a pretty good discount as well if you opt for her content for longer terms like 3 and 6 months. Check the below table.

Months of subscriptionAmount ($)
3 months33.15
6 months56.10

Sava Schultz is making a good amount of money from OnlyFans as she has a very nice body shape and her fans crave for her content!

Apart from OnlyFans, the model has also profiles on instagram, Twitter and TikTok. So let’s check it out.

On Instagram, Sava Schultz has 1.3M followers and her username is Sava.schultz and you can follow her as her contents are very spicy.

Now Sava Schultz has 2 TikTok profiles one with the username dancetotheb (which is Sava’s main account) and the other with the username Sava.schulltz.

Her Dancetotheb TikTok profile has 464K followers and has uploaded 82 videos with 4.1M+ likes for her TikTok videos.

Sava Schultz has got a Twitter account as well with the same name but we are not quite sure if that’s her official account or not. So, make sure you cross-verify before you follow Sava Schultz on Twitter.

Not quite sure what is the age of Sava Schultz but she looks very young and so pretty and if you check her Instagram account then you’ll soo tempted to press that follow button because she is so gorgeous! 

Does Sava Schultz have any boyfriend? Doesn’t look like Sava Schultz has a boyfriend yet as we haven’t really seen any back-to-back pics with any male or she might have her relationship a secret for now so we don’t know!


I’m quite sure that this pretty OnlyFans model got a bright future on OnlyFans and she can make money in millions if Sava Schultz impresses her fans and the public with her beautiful lovely body!

We shall update this article once and when we come to know more about Sava Schultz.

I personally loved this OnlyFans model and let me ask you, what do you think about Sava Schultz OnlyFans model?

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