What are Backshots? Backshots Sex Position Explained

Backshot is a fancy term that is used for the sex position doggy style. You know doggy style very well, don’t you?

The term backshot position is not well recognized and not used much in the porn world. Anyways, let’s check out what are backshots in this article.

What are Backshots?

In simple terms, backshots are nothing but sex from behind. Why it is called a backshot because the man will insert his dick inside the vagina from the back and the woman will bend over just like the doggy-style sex position.

Every time the man thrusts his dick in and out of the vagina, the woman will push her ass back, and when the man is about to cum he will take his dick out from the vagina and hold it in his hands and then cum on the woman’s ass and that’s basically is called backshot.

You can insert your dick into her vagina or into her asshole and have a backshot. Backshots position is one kind of a sex position.

Moreover, you don’t even have to insert your dick to have a backshot. You can just hold your dick in your hand and rub it on her ass and have a shot on her ass!

If the ass is really great, then you can have a great backshot! A round big ass will make the backshot position mind-blowing!!

During a backshot, the male will be dominant and the female will be totally submissive as she will bend over with her hands and knees. 

The man is in control, he might even do some nice slaps to that fluffy ass and hold her hair in one hand to make the backshot sex position even more exciting.

If performed nicely and if the sex act goes for a while then backshot sex position can be of great pleasure for both parties. 

Is it Good to do Backshot?

If you both agree to do it then why not? But if she is not comfortable in doggy style or if she doesn’t like you cuming on her ass then you shouldn’t go with the backshot sex position. Because every sex act should be performed if both people love to do it. 

If you love backshots sex position then below are the 3 subreddits you can check out where you can watch a lot of videos related to backshots sex.





Backshot is nothing but cuming on a woman’s back instead of inside her. We hope you enjoyed reading and understood the meaning of backshot! If you have tried backshots position before, let us know in comments how it went and how you felt.

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